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Danforth Village BIA (18)
Toronto, ON

Phone: 416-694-1962


Created in mid-2006, Danforth Village extends from Victoria Park Avenue to two blocks west of Main Street. It includes the renovated Shoppers World - a 342,500 SF open mall, a brand new Canadian Tire store - both with free parking - Main Square - with over 1000 units and expanding - and at its west end - a renovated Sobey's foodstore.

Danforth Village serves a market area of close to 100,000 households within a short drive. Of these households 3000 - 4000 live within a 5 minute walk of Danforth Village. Initiatives to improve the business environment for all stores and their customers have been planned. In 2007 a streetscape program will be started. Banners have been designed and existing treepots and rolled rim pots will be planted with flowers. Posts and arms with hanging baskets will be installed in time for 2007/8 winter decoration and summer planting in 2008. Ways to improve traffic service levels and parking on and off-street for the more than 280 smaller streetfront stores and offices in Danforth Village, are being developed.

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