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Mount Dennis BIA (5)
Toronto, ON

The Mount Dennis BIA is located along Weston Rd., running north between Eglinton Avenue West and Ray Avenue. It's just west of Black Creek Drive, East of Jane Street, and minutes from the 401/400 highways. Mount Dennis offers an exotic array of eclectic restaurants, cafes, shopping and services, with plentiful parking. Mount Dennis is easily accessible via 24-hour public transportation.

Mount Dennis BIA was originally established in 1974 and today its growing community offers tremendous business opportunities. Mount Dennis is home to a surprising mix of hills and dales located on one of the highest topographical plains in the City of Toronto. It is surrounded by ravine and parkland and is bordered on the west by the Humber River and on the east by Black Creek.

Mount Dennis was named in the early 1800s and has been a solid ground for business and employment ever since. Mount Dennis has grown from its historic, large scale Saw and Woollen Mills, to its famous Brick Yards, the Conn-Smythe Sand and Gravel Pit and the Kodak Company Plant which was opened in 1916.

Mount Dennis is one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area, representing over 30 ethnic groups and is also home to one of Toronto's greenest communities. Mount Dennis offers a rich mix of business and pleasure seeking activities


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